Honey Hut on the Onion Route

Honey Hut on the Onion Route

Kesk tänav 119, Varnja alevik, Peipsiääre vald, Tartu maakond


Does honey always taste the same? How many bees does it take to make 1 kg of honey? How do bees interact with each other? How fast does a bee fly? How many eyes does a bee have? How many legs? How many flowers does a bee fly to during one trip?

The workshop of Honey Hut on the Onion Route answers all these questions and more. We will taste honey and learn how to make sure whether you are eating real honey or not.

The master of Honey Hut will tell wonderful stories. We will talk about what threatens the bees and how each of us can protect bees. We will also have a cup of tea.

Times and prices
Open all year round

Is open advance bookings only

Features and amenities
  • Food and drinks

Getting there

Head right from the Varnja bus stop (towards the triangle-shaped intersection in front of Varnja Church). About 1.2 km straight to the end of the village.

  • Signposted
  • Sealed access road
  • By excursion bus
  • By public transport
  • By car
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