Hotel Tatari 53

The cosy Tatari 53 hotel is in a quiet area in the city centre. The bright hotel rooms are in pastel colours and equipped with everything necessary.

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  • Adequate

    Stayed here for two nights. Not the worst hotel in the world, by far, but some issues that were quite frustrating. 1. The linen/blanket on the bed. Perfectly fits the bed when flat - with two people...

  • Indifferent Staff

    The staff didn't greet me, and didn't tell me there was breakfast, let alone when or where it was. There are two intersections of Tatari and Parmu Mint - the hotel is at the second one when walking...

  • Kind staff

    My sister and I ended up here as it was the meeting point for our tour company. We arrived prior to check in and the receptionist kindly let us store our bags whilst we went on our taxi tour...

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