South Estonia

Ice skating on the bog-pools of Rubina Bog in the historical Mulgimaa

The tour guides will share exciting stories of nature and introduce other destinations in the vicinity which you can discover when hiking with us.
The ice-skating hike on the bog-pools usually takes 2–4 hours. During this time, we will skate for up to 10 km on ice-covered plains, bog-pools, or lakes. You will set the pace of the hike. Everyone who can skate ski in the winter can also skate on bog-pools.

Come and discover the biggest bog area of Valga County in the historical Mulgimaa and skate on frozen bog-pools and lakes!


South Estonia

Opening times

1. dec - 31. march

Advanced booking only


Karjatnurme küla TAAGEPERA METSKOND, Tõrva vald, Valga maakond