Jäägri Villa nature walks with a guide

Jäägri Villa nature walks with a guide

JÄÄGRIVILLA, Albu küla, Järva vald, Järva maakond


Awesome bogs, diverse woods and old stories are all worth discovering. The people of the Hunters' Villa know and can tell you a lot of tales when they guide you to the beautiful and dignified places in the vicinity: Kakerdaja Bog, Kodru Bog, Lõhmu Hill, Albu Manor and the threshing barn in Kukenoosi.
After a hike and a relaxing sauna, you can sleep comfortably in Jäägri Villa.

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Open all year round

Is open advance bookings only

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Getting there

The villa is located in the middle of the village of Albu.

  • Signposted
  • Sealed access road
  • By excursion bus
  • By public transport
  • By car
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