Kaarma stronghold

Kaarma bussipeatus-LINNUSE, Kaarma-Kirikuküla, Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond

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By its ground plan stronghold is almost rectangular. In the middle of app. 4800 m² plain yard there is noticeable dimple, a former well place. Clearly are visible the locations of the gates in the north-east and north-west parts of the embankment. In winter it becomes a popular place for sledging.
Interesting to know: There were found a part of spiral bracelet and crosshead breastpin dated from 12th-13th century. Inside of the embankment were found carbonized stumps of beams that digger associated with wooden fortification of the stronghold.

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Bus: Kaarma kirik
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Uku S

Uku S

Come here for parties

This is tradidional place for estonian "Jaanipäev", one of the most popular parties in Estonia, a must visit.



Осталась только история

Городище находится недалеко от дороги. Выглядит как круглый земляной вал, высотой примерно метра 4. Внутри площадка для проведения мероприятий и каменный куб с мачтой для флага. Так что от городища...



Une place forte dont il reste rien

Le site vaut le détour car c'est juste à côté de la route principale mais il n'y a franchement pas grand chose à voir à part une stèle mémorielle.

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