Kadriorg Art Museum

Kadriorg palace and park is one of the favourite places of tourists and locals. This baroque palace ensemble with grandiose interior, beautiful park and fountains was a gift from tsar Peter the I to his wife Catherine. Ensemble is the extravagant example of tsar's goodness. In the palace there is an exposition of Estonian Art Museum collection of foreign art.

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  • TODAY WE TRAVELLED TOWARDS the Eastern side of Tallinn and landed on this Kadriorg Park included in it

    ... with everything Tsar Peter I had left behind. Which means we were now in this noble tradition of royal space-turned-public park and we could just pretend as if what’s being experienced three...

  • Beautiful palace and museum

    Kadriorg Palace, a beautiful Baroque building dating to the 18th century and built by Peter the Great for Catherine I of Russia. We entered the building and visited the museum which exhibited mainly...

  • Beautiful Russian tsar palace with art exhibition inside

    Beautiful Russian tsar palace with an art exhibition inside. Not being big art connaisseurs, we mostly came for the palace. Despite having recently travelled to Russia and visited other (admittedly...

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