Kärdla factory square

VABRIKUVÄLJAKU HALJASALA, Kärdla linn, Hiiumaa vald, Hiiu maakond

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In 1830, barons Ungern-Sternberg established a broadcloth factory in Kärdla. Today's factory square formed the core of the factory complex. The four-storey broadcloth factory was located on the south side of the courtyard of the factory on the shores of the Nuutri river. On the western side of the courtyard, there was the residence of the factory director - known as the Long House, today home to the Hiiumaa Museum is located.

On the northern side of the square, 4 single-storey wooden houses or shop master's houses for senior officials of the factory were erected and have preserved well until the present time. The houses had large gardens.

Until the end of 1970s, a house with pillars or the Summer Manor was located on the eastern side of the square. In the early years of the broadcloth factory, it was the residence of the factory director.

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Park in city center

Just a little park with a monument to the working people who laid the foundation for today's civilization.

Натали В

Натали В

Фабричная площадь

Площадью сейчас её сложно назвать, но видимо в былые времена это была действительно площадь. Стриженый, ухоженный газон, чисто и аккуратно, как и везде на острове.



Не обязательно к просмотру

Не хочется никого обижать, но какая это достопримечательность? Конечно ясно, что островок беден на культурные объекты, вот и показывает всё то, что имеет...Молодцы,что не забросили, а ухаживают вот...

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