Kayaking in Western Saaremaa

Kopli talu-Kopli, Toomalõuka küla, Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond


This trip takes you to the coastline of Western Saaremaa's peninsulas and islets, and you can put together your own itinerary. The start and end point of the trip is the beach on Lahetaguse Bay close to Toomalõuka farm. Kayaking along the coast takes around 1.5 hours, after which you can walk for up to 1.5 hours on the islets (and have a picnic if you like) before we head back again by sea. Once back, you can share your stories around the barbecue, in the sauna and in the hot tub.

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Drive out of Kuressaare in the direction of the Sõrve peninsula through Nasva, Mändjala and Järve until you reach Tehumardi (17 km from Kuressaare), then turn right after the bus stop towards Lümanda. Follow the road through Suurna, Tiirimetsa (where the road becomes rough and unsealed), Metsalõuka and Lõmala until the crossroads (where you will start to see the sea - 9 km from Tehumardi), where a sign will point off to Kaugatuma on the left, Lõmala harbour straight on and Lümanda to the right. Turn off to the right here and you will come to Toomalõuka. Drive a further kilometre until you see a turn-off on the right, where a road leads 300 metres to the farm - ahead of which you will see grazing land and then the thatched roofs of our farm buildings.

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