South Estonia

Kayaking on Lake Pühajärv

During the kayaking trip we will be introducing to you Lake Pühajärv and its islands, enjoy the beautiful lake views and Estonian summer.
The picnic place will be RMK Kooliranna campfire site.
For the kayaking trips, we use stable, comfortable, safe and easily steered two-person kayaks. 
The price of the trip includes a place in the kayak with equipment, guiding service, substantial trip peal (soup, pastry, tea or juice, sweet pastry or fruit) and bottled water to quench your thirst.
Come and enjoy the nature with your friends or colleagues! 


South Estonia

Opening times

1. may - 31. oct

Advanced booking only


Pühajärve rannapark, Otepää linn, Otepää vald, Valga maakond