South Estonia

Kicksled hike around Tondisaar Island on Lake Võrtsjärv

Lake Võrtsjärv is Estonia's largest inland body of water, in which three planes and five small islands are hidden. We invite you to explore Lake Võrtsjärv and the mystical Tondisaar Island in winter on kicksleds. The tour guides will tell exciting stories about nature and winter hiking during breaks. 

Many people last rode a kicksled in their childhood. Some are trying it for the very first time. You push with one foot and stand on the sled with the other - it's that simple, everyone can do it. 

NB! The hike will only take place if the ice conditions are safe. The hike is also suitable for children. Smaller children can sit on sleds that have seats. The length of the hike is 6-7 km.


South Estonia

Opening times

1. jan - 31. march

Advanced booking only


Limnoloogia tee 1, Vehendi küla, Elva vald, Tartu maakond