Ähijärve nature trail

The 3.5 km Ähijärve nature study trail starts at Karula Nature Centre, where there is a nice playground for children and a nature trail. The network of roads around Lake Ähijärv was once very dense and different from what we can see now. Ähijärve nature trail will take you to roads once used by many people and you can imagine what they looked like: a road on the pasture, Ähijärve shore path, footpath, forest roads, winter roads, horse roads. The southern part of Ähijärve area is covered with Peräjärve-Labassaare forests. Standing on the shore of the lake, you can see the southernmost tops of the Karula Upland – Lossi, Korgemägi and Plaagi hill to the west across the lake.

Features and amenities
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