Bogshoe hike in Laukasoo mire during autumn

During the four-hour hike, we will take a walk in the Pähklisaare conservation area. The hike consists of a few long and a couple of short kilometres. We will take a look at the milled peat production area. While in the Laukasoo mire, we will visit Pähklisaar, which is a military heritage and a primeval nature site.

Pähklisaar is a swamp island in Laukasoo that is surrounded by picturesque swamp lakes. Additionally, a century-old aspen wood grows there. It is made all the more fascinating by the fact that a Swedish king's gold and silver treasure is supposedly buried there, but has not yet been found.  
Pähklisaar, as many other swamp islands, was used by the Forest Brothers as a 
location for their underground shelter.

You are welcome to visit it!

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