Day on Vormsi Island – sailing + UAZ

You will never forget this day!
The one-way sea voyage takes 1.5–2 hours. The whole event will take the whole day because there is no hurry. Slow life is the most enjoyable, especially on Vormsi.

The package price includes (up to eight people):
- sailing from Haapsalu to Vormsi to Sviby Harbour and back;
- swimming at sea;
- Sviby Harbour dockage;
- Sviby–Hullo–Sviby transport in an UAZ car;
- a walk to the Hullo Centre and a visit to the souvenir shop.

For an additional fee:
- lunch in the superb summer restaurant Krog No. 14 in Hullo;
- snacks and drinks in the Sviby Harbour Café;
- souvenirs.

Features and amenities