Estonia’s ‘King of Stones’ – the Pahkla boulder

‘Pahkla Suurkivi’ is a boulder measuring 29.5 metres in circumference and which stands 4.4 metres high. It is not the biggest boulder in Estonia, but earns the name the ‘King of Stones’ due to its majesty.

Did you know…?
*The German residents of Pahkla manor were said to have parties and danced on the boulder
*If you look hard enough you might even find the lord of the manor’s gold pocket watch, which was said to have been lost down the crack in the boulder!
*There are three smaller boulders nearby: the ‘Mari nutukivi’, ‘Mägrakivi’ and the Ussi field boulder, whose 17 cracks are said to represent the 17 victims sacrificed on it.

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