Hiking, running, or skiing in Hiiumaa with an introduction to the island

Want to test your physical form and explore the local routes?

Hiking, running, and skiing enthusiasts can train in different parts of Hiiumaa while exploring the local nature and attractions. The workouts are suitable for beginners and more active athletes.

Popular routes:
* Tahkuna Peninsula, 10 km; 1.5–2 hours of running in the countryside, forest, seaside. Attractions: lighthouse and defensive structures;
* Kärdla city, 8 km; 1–1.5 hours of running on a surfaced road. The route introduces the diverse city of Kärdla.

Features and amenities
  • Languages spoken
  • Estonian
  • English
  • Finnish
Number of participants
Maximum number of participants 20
Minimum number of participants 10
Further information
Duration (hours) 1