Hiking trail in the Rõuge Primeval Valley

The Rõuge Primeval Valley hiking trail is as straight as a line, 10 km long, it begins at Hinni Canyon or in the Ööbikuoru Centre parking lot.

Beginning at the Ööbikuorg start point, the trail runs along the shores of seven lakes towards Hinni Canyon and offers hikers an opportunity to observe the workings of the area's water rams, see the deepest Estonian lake – Rõuge Suurjärv and visit Rõuge Park.

Further on, on the shores of Lakes Ratasjärve, Tõugjärve and Kahrila, hikers can see the local forest communities, rest in meadows or enjoy the village landscape and proceed along the short path towards Hinni Canyon.

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Length/Distance 10.0
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