Hydraulic Rams at Tindioru

A water pump powered by hydropower or a so-called hydraulic ram was designed and built by Friedrich Johanson to provide water for his farm. The pump has been operating since 1939 and pumps 5m³ of water daily into a water tank 30 m high. A hydraulic ram is a device where a water hammer effect is used to raise the level of water. This pump was invented by the Frenchman Joseph Michel Montgolfier. 

A hydraulic ram needs little maintenance and operates reliably over a long period. The second hydraulic ram in Tindioru, a double-valved hydraulic ram, was built by Jüri Johanson in 2002.

The hydraulic rams are particularly active at the end of winter and beginning of spring when the cold creates tall and spectacular sculptures out of the splashing water.  

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