Ice Age Centre (Jääaja Keskus)

The Ice Age Centre is a theme park for the whole family – a place where one building provides an overview of the history and future of the whole universe in an entertaining way. It is a unique visiting centre in the entire Baltic region – here, you will see full-scale prehistoric animals and learn how the nature of the world and Estonia has developed.
The centre is an exciting place in Tartu County, perfect for families, friends, or groups. Visitors of all ages will find something to discover.

The yellow window of National Geographic, which is situated near the Ice Age Centre, represents the Lake Saadjärv area as one of the important places to discover in Southern Estonia.

Features and amenities
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  • Amenities
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Kids' exhibition
  • Activities for children
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  • WiFi
  • Seminar room
  • Information boards
  • Information point
  • Free parking
  • Changing rooms and showers
  • WC
  • Recreation area/picnic ground
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