Kihnu Suaru Harbour

The main task of Kihnu Harbour is to guarantee ferry traffic. The port also receives yachts, speedboats and small vessels.

In 2014, a new port building was opened at the port; it has showers, a sauna and toilets for visitors. The port has an automatic petrol station, which services yachts among all else; there is also an information kiosk with all the necessary information for a visitor.

Useful information: vessels with a maximum length of 60 metres and a draught of 3.5 metres can dock at the port. The port supplies vessels with power, drinking water and other necessary services.

State Port Register

Features and amenities
Maximum length (m) 60
Maximum draft (cm) 350
Number of guest slips 20
  • Amenities
  • WiFi
  • Sauna complex
  • Washing machine
  • Free parking
  • Shower
  • WC
  • Drinking water
  • Fuel
  • Slipway
  • Additional services
  • Garbage reception facilities
  • Bilge water reception facilities
  • Marina Office