Koigi bog hiking trail

The largest bog in Saare County has a 4.8 km trail perfect for hiking. The footpath is covered in wood chips, and the wooden boardwalk passes through the bog around Lake Pikkjärv. You will find a lovely observation platform where you can relax and have a small picnic. There is also a 9 m observation tower overlooking the picturesque bog. In autumn, you can pick cranberries next to the trail.

Good to know: it is said that Lake Naistejärv (Women's Lake) is made up of women's tears, including those of Piret, the wife of Suur Tõll. Lake Koigi, however, is said to be located in the place where the owners of Kareda and Koigi Manor argued. Additionally, the whole manor is supposedly at the bottom of the lake.

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Length/Distance 5.0
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