Lake Verijärv nature studies trail

 Lake Verijärv nature studies trail is around 1 km long and has 9 information boards showcasing plants, trees, bushes, birds and animals. The trail runs through the Lake Verijärv ancient valley and wood. There are signs along the trail as well as three barbecue areas with benches.

There are various legends about Lake Verijärv. It is said that the lake got its name centuries ago when slaves were punished in the old cellar that stood on the shore and their blood turned the water red. Another legend speaks of the nasty lord of Kasaritsa Manor, who was drowned by his coachman with his carriage and horses while driving home one night.

Features and amenities
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Length/Distance 1.0
  • Amenities
  • Information boards
  • Free parking
  • Drop Toilet
  • Recreation area/picnic ground
  • Camping area