Monument to Kristjan Jaak Peterson

Kristjan Jaak Peterson (14 March 1801 – 4 August 1822) was an Estonian writer who is considered to be the founder of Estonian national literature.

He studied in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy of the University of Tartu from 1819 to 1820. He called himself a singer of the country people, appreciated the national features of literature, and thought that the creation of original Estonian literature was possible.

There is a bronze monument to him on Toomemägi, which was completed in 1983 by J. Soans and A. Murdmaa, and a high school named after him in Tartu.

On the writer's birthday, 14 March, we celebrate Mother Tongue Day.

Fun fact: Peterson walked from Tartu to Riga more than 200 years ago due to lack of money.

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