Nature, dunes, and legends of Luitemaa

The Luitemaa Nature Reserve in Rannametsa village in Pärnu County in southwestern Estonia is home to Rannametsa dunes, which are one of the most magnificent and easily accessible dunes in Estonia. In addition to the dunes, you can explore the picturesque lakes of Tolkuse bog at the foot of the sand dunes. It is unique thanks to its interesting development story. The local nature is closely intertwined with the cultural history of old and modern times, from ancient shrines to medieval and modern legends, folk tales, and historical events.

Mati Kose, a naturalist and guide from Häädemeeste, will introduce the nature and legends of this exciting place.

Features and amenities
  • Languages spoken
  • Estonian
  • English
Number of participants
Maximum number of participants 20
Minimum number of participants 2
Further information
Length/Distance 3.0
Duration (hours) 4
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  • Suitable for children
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