Nature Tours Estonia winter snowshoe hike on the winter roads of Emajõe-Suursoo

During the snowshoe hike, we will be moving along the historic winter roads of Emajõe-Suursoo on snowshoes. Only 100 years ago, these tracks that have almost been lost, were an important winter connection to the outside world for the local people. The roads were used only in winter, when the bogs and marshes were frozen.
During the trip we will be admiring several of the beautiful indigenous forest-covered island of Emajõe-Suursoo. We will be enjoying the wild beauty of nature and openness of the bog landscapes. We will surely see the signs of activity of the local four-legged and winged residents.
The hike is lead by a local experienced nature guide.

Features and amenities
  • Languages spoken
  • Estonian
  • English
Number of participants
Maximum number of participants 25
Minimum number of participants 4
Further information
Length/Distance 6.0
Duration (hours) 4
  • Amenities
  • Suitable for children
  • Free parking
  • Drop Toilet
  • Additional services
  • Special equipment for children
  • Special equipment for adults