Padakõrve Hiking Trail

The hiking trail runs along a gravel road in a forest and introduces the life of ants. There are information boards next to the gravel road, as well as signposts near the ant colonies. The trail can also be explored in a vehicle.
The 3.6 km trail starts at the information board at the roadside.
The hiking trail is located in Padakõrve Nature Reserve. Its most important values include one of the largest populations of Scottish wood ants, diverse forest communities, and a multifaceted landscape. The purpose of the protected area is to protect the Scottish wood ants, as well as other protected species and their habitats, the forest communities, and the Kärgandi kame field.

Features and amenities
Further information
Length/Distance 3.6
  • Amenities
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Information boards
  • Free parking