Paluküla Hiiemäe health tracks in the Rapla County

You can have an active holiday on health tracks that are located in the Kõnnumaa landscape protection area. The local nature is beautiful, unique and rich in species.

Here, you are going to find 2 km, 3 km and 5 km tracks, where you can run, cycle or ski, depending on the season. Additionally, the slope is suitable for snow boarders.

The 2 km track is lit.

For years, Paluküla slope has been one of the most popular places in the Rapla County for going sledding on a Shrove Tuesday.

Here, you can camp or have a picnic as well!

Features and amenities
  • Amenities
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Suitable for children
  • Information boards
  • Site lighting
  • Free parking
  • Drop Toilet
  • Recreation area/picnic ground
  • Camping area