RMK Kiidjärve–Taevaskoja–Kiidjärve hiking trail

The hiking trail starting from Kiidjärve Visitor Centre runs along the banks of the picturesque Ahja River, where you can easily see different sandstone banks (Sõnajalamägi, Palanumägi, Oosemägi, Laaritsamägi, Mõsumägi, etc.). The trail runs along one shore to the Saesaare dam, over the bridge, and back along the other shore. The trail passes through Sõnajala campfire site, where you can pitch a tent. The trail also passes through the Roiupalu study trail campfire site.
A map of the hiking trail can be obtained from the RMK Kiidjärve Visitor Centre.

At times, the hiking trail runs along high shorelines and there are steep ascents. Please be careful!

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Length/Distance 11.8
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  • Free parking
  • Recreation area/picnic ground
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