Seaplane Harbour Marina

The activities of the guest port of the Seaplane Harbour are organised by the Estonian Maritime Museum. The port is located on the western side of Tallinn Bay at the coordinates 59° 27.2' N and 24° 44.1' E.
The aquatic area is protected by breakwaters and is 182,000 m2 large. There are a total of 10 docks in the Seaplane Harbour, including 6 berths.
Berths with booms welcome vessels up to 16 meters and berths without booms welcome vessels up to 50 meters.

- toilet, shower, sauna
- electricity, WiFi, security cameras
- bilge water and trash collection
- winter storage

There are also museum ships at the marina, the oldest of which is the ice-breaker Suur Tõll. The museum has a shop and a cafe.
State Port Register

Features and amenities
Maximum length (m) 90
Maximum draft (cm) 800
Number of guest slips 18
  • Amenities
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • WiFi
  • Sauna complex
  • Electricity
  • Free parking
  • Shower
  • WC
  • Drinking water
  • Slipway
  • Additional services
  • Meals
  • Garbage reception facilities
  • Bilge water reception facilities
  • Marina Office
  • Workshop