Sillamäe Cultural Centre

The building of Sillamäe Cultural Centre, built in 1949, which has been recognised as an architectural monument, still looks like the Stalinist buildings from the 40s and 50s of the last century (both inside and outside).
The basement of the building, which used to be a bomb shelter, houses a permanent exhibition, which is dedicated to the Soviet period in the city. For only one euro, our employee will take you on a tour of the building, showing you all of the main rooms.

In addition to beautiful architecture, the cultural centre is used for various concerts and events. We also rent a banquet and conference hall.

Features and amenities
  • Guide service available
  • Estonian
  • English
  • Russian
  • Amenities
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • WiFi
  • Seminar room
  • Information boards
  • Information point
  • Site lighting
  • Free parking
  • WC
  • Additional services
  • Visitor centre
  • Exhibition
  • Seminar