Snowshoe hike in a bog in Kõrvemaa, hunt for cranberries and forest gourmet!

We'll go to a bog with snowshoes to admire the wonderful nature. It's known that the biggest cranberries grow on bog turfs, near the edge of bog pools. Cranberries grow in autumn, during a warm winter, and also in early spring. We'll combine hiking with berry picking, we'll take a moment and just feel the magic of the bog. Braver hikers can swim in a bog pool, in winter we'll go ice-skating if possible. 
After the hike, a forest menu awaits you:

  • Pumpkin and orange soup, caramelised pumpkin seeds in spruce shoots syrup;
  • Rice pudding with cinnamon, vanilla, cranberry sauce;
  • Sweet mulled wine made from apples and meadow flowers.
The hike is suitable as an activity to do with co-workers or for celebrating birthdays.

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