Taevaskoda nature trail

Come and walk with your family or ride a scooter on the Taevaskoda hiking trail, which is located in the Ahja River Landscape Reserve. The trail starts in the Saesaare car park and runs along both banks of River Ahja, where the outcrops of Väike (Small) and Suur (Large) Taevaskoda, caves with springs, and picturesque views will catch your eye. At the beginning of the hiking trail, there is an information board with a map of the recreational area and the trail. On the trail, signs in Estonian, English, and Russian will help you find the way. Visitors in a wheelchair can explore the trail until Väike Taevaskoda (about 2 km back and forth).

Good to know: you can see kingfishers flying around while walking in Taevaskoda.

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Length/Distance 2.0
  • Amenities
  • Information boards
  • Recreation area/picnic ground