Tour of Prangli Island with a virtual tour guide

The virtual tour guide is a kit working with the Google Maps application, which introduces the attractions of Prangli. The kit is perfect for active people who want to discover the island independently. You can either walk on foot or ride a bike to explore. After the order, we will send the material and a user manual for the map by e-mail. The price includes the kit on the Google Maps application introducing the attractions, which can be used in a smart device for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Prangli Travel also offers:

Transport by sea
Bicycle rental
Accommodation on Prangli Island
Transport from Tallinn to Leppneeme Harbour and back

  • It is safe here
Sites along route

Features and amenities
  • Languages spoken
  • Estonian
  • English
  • Finnish
Number of participants
Maximum number of participants 100
Minimum number of participants 1
Further information
Duration 1
  • Transportation type
  • On foot
  • By bike