Uustalu Bed and Breakfast

We are situated at a place with very beautiful nature - by the sea, in the old village of captains - Käsmu. Uustalu is a perfect vacation place for those who appreciate beautiful nature, fresh sea air, and quietude. Just a couple of steps out of our gate and the guests will already find themselves by the sea or walking in the pine forest.

Features and amenities
  • Amenities
  • Recreation room
  • Fridge
  • Free parking
  • Motor home/caravan parking
  • WC
  • Drop Toilet
  • Fenced territory
  • Camping area
  • Additional services
  • Bike rental
  • Room amenities
  • TV in room
  • Shower
  • Extra bed available
Number of rooms
Rooms total 5
Beds 12
Single 1
Twin 2
Double 2
Camping area 40
  • Meals
  • Breakfast for additional fee
  • Free time and relaxation
  • Swimming area
  • Landscaped area
  • Campground amenities
  • Sheltered outdoor seating
  • Drop Toilet