Valaste hiking and study trail

Valaste hiking and study trail runs along the Ontika Landscape Protection Area and its total length is 1.5 km. 700 metres of the trail runs in a cliff forest and a scree with a boardwalk. In addition, there is about 55 metres of descent and just as many metres of ascent. There are 22 information boards on the trail introducing the Ontika limestone bluff and the surrounding area.

There is a cliff forest between the terrace and the sea, where you can see extraordinary nature in the Nordic countries, as well as one of the most primeval forest types in Estonia. The forest is rich for insects and bats. The Valaste Waterfall is also on the trail.

Features and amenities
Further information
Length/Distance 1.5
  • Amenities
  • Suitable for children
  • Information boards
  • Free parking
  • Drop Toilet