Varbola hill fort

The first mention of the Varbola fortress dates back to 1212 and it was one of the biggest and most powerful ancient fortresses in Estonia and entire northern Europe.
The 576 m long circular hill fort was erected on the natural slate stage in the shadows of the primeval forest and is 2-5 m high. In addition to the slate wall there was a several meters high fortification made of logs. The western gate was dug free and reconstructed.
Interesting to know:
• A quarter million horse cartloads of slate were brought here to build the walls
• The Varbola fortress was never conquered by any enemy.
• Here you can see a turret, a bricole and a battering ram
• Visit us in August on the big event Varbola Puu (Varbola Tree)!
• You can have an enjoyable picnic here!

Features and amenities
  • Amenities
  • Information boards
  • Site lighting
  • Free parking
  • Recreation area/picnic ground