Kreenholm area and Kreenholm Textile Factory

Joala tänav 21, Narva

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A double-terraced waterfall is located on the Narva River, just above the city. Kreenholm Island is located between the two terraces. The famous Kreenholm Textile Factory was built on the shore of the waterfull in the 19th century, and was the largest factory in the Russian Empire at that time. In 1913 over ten thousand people worked there! A compact complex of industrial architecture developed around the factory that included the factory, a hospital, workers' barracks, directors' houses, and Kreenholm Park. The buildings were built in the English style using red brick. The Kreenholm brand is known far beyond Estonia.

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Bus: Kreenholmi manufaktuur
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We visited on a Sunday noon during the official guided tour. It takes 1,5 hours to go through the area. Its very impressive and unbelievable how it has all worked - at some point 10000+ workers...




Closed for everyday visit, but sometimes excursions to the area are arranged. It's amazing to see the how big one textile factory once was. Hopefully one day it all be renovated and involves...



Visit to Kreenholm island with a guide from Narva museum

The guided tour was very interesting and the whole Kreenholm industry complex was huge. It took more than 1 hour to walk it through. Exceptional!

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