Lake Uhtjärv in Urvaste Primeval Valley

Lake Uhtjärv in Urvaste Primeval Valley

Uhtjärve küla, Antsla vald, Võru maakond

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Urvaste Primeval Valley has several gulches, it runs from the northwest to the southeast for 10 km, and represents one of the 23 sites to be discovered in Southern Estonia, marked with the yellow frame of the National Geographic.
Lake Uhtjärv (28 meters), which has a lot of springs and is the fifth deepest lake in Estonia, is located in the valley.
The three-kilometre lake is home to a lot of fish and is perfect for kayaking, boating, or canoeing.
The recreation area has a picnic area, a small sandy beach, and a swimming spot.

The Urvaste site of an ancient settlement is located on the northeastern shore of lake Uhtjärv. The spring between Linnamäe and Uhtjärv is known as Silmaveeallikas (eye water spring). A lot of legends are associated with lake Uhtjärv.

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Turn right before Urvaste Church. Pass the cemetery and drive to the lake.

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Bus: Kirikuküla
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