Lake Valgula

TULETÕRJE VEEHOIDLA, Järvere küla, Võru vald, Võru maakond

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Lake Vagula is situated 2 km to the west of the town of Võru. The lake area is 602.8 ha with a shoreline length of 17.8 km (length 4.6 km, width 1.7 km). The maximum depth of the lake is 11.5 m (average depth 5.3 m). The lakeshores are shallow, covered mostly by sand or pebble. The lake has a large basin and heavy water flows; the Võhandu River, the longest river in Estonia, takes the water from Valgula to Lake Peipsi through the so-called Italian Channel.

The lake is rich in fish species: bream, bass, ruffe, roach, pike, pike-perch, ide, carp, etc.

The waters birds that nest here include the Great Crested Grebe, Eurasian Coot, Mallard, Eurasian Teal, etc.

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