South Estonia

Lake Võrtsjärv

Lake Võrtsjärv is the largest inland water body in Estonia.
Both the visitors centre on the northern shore and the rest areas around the lake offer beautiful views. The banks of the lake are low and occasionally boggy. However, there are beautiful swimming places near Vaibla.
In Jõesuu, next to the visitors centre, an observation tower offers a beautiful view of the lake. There is also a small picnic area. You can set afloat your boat or go on a fun trip on a sailboat in Oiu port.

* The area of the lake is 720 m2
* The lake has been the largest natural eel breeding farm in Europe for years
* You can discover the area around the lake on foot or by bike.


South Estonia

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Oiu küla OIU-VÕITÖÖSTUSE, Viljandi vald, Viljandi maakond