Lättemaa Adventure Park

Lättemaa Adventure Park

LÄTTEMAA, Raanitsa küla, Kambja vald, Tartu maakond


Lättemaa Adventure Park is built in a pine forest and has two tracks of varying difficulty. In total, we have 22 attractions. One track has 6 games (meant for children) and the second has 16 games (meant for adults). All games are unique. The attractions are located up to 11 metres from the ground and they offer memorable and unique experiences, as well as a picturesque view. The last long zipline (about 140 meters) over the lake is our guests’ favourite. Depending on your courage and balance, completing the track takes about an hour.

Guests can use our barbecue area for free.

The price list and information about the tracks are available HERE.

Times and prices

Is open advance bookings only

  • Adult:


    14 €
  • Child:


    10 €
  • Exact price to be clarified by service provider.

Features and amenities
Getting there

Turn left after Lubja and before the Paalimäe bus stop. Continue straight for about 1.5 km and turn left again at the first opportunity. You will see a sign for Lättemaa there.

  • Signposted
  • By excursion bus
  • By public transport
  • By car
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