Männimäe Guesthouse

Männimäe Guesthouse is just a 20-minute walk from the centre of Viljandi.

• The guesthouse is the only accommodation in Viljandi which also has its own tennis court and bowling alley
• There is also a sauna and small pool

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  • Good place to stay a night

    Mostly quiet place, althought other rooms' hammering doors can be quite loud in the morning. There was an air conditioner in the room, that was a huge plus. The floor smelled a little like pee, I...

  • Хорошо, но не в центре города

    Гостевой дом расположен примерно в трех километрах от центра Вильянди и всех достопримечательностей. На такси - 5 ЕВРО в один конец. На автобусе - 1 ЕВРО, автобусная остановка - через дорогу, но...

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