Five unusual places to stay in Estonia

Source: Maidla Nature Villa


For those looking to book their first post-lockdown holiday, the accommodation needs to be as spectacular as the destination. From a mirrored house hidden in the forest, to a converted windmill on a spa-filled island, Estonia offers an eclectic mix of unforgettable accommodation.

According to the World Health Organisation, this little-known country has some of the cleanest air in the world and with a population of just over a million, a landscape that is predominantly forested, the country’s spaciousness will provide the perfect location for a post-lockdown distanced holiday.


Located near the spectacular Ohessaare cliffs on the Sõrve Peninsula of Saaremaa Island– considered Estonia’s spa capital with its high number of spas – the Ohessaare Windmill is one of the country’s most unusual places to stay. Saaremaa’s main town, Kuressaare, is just over an hour’s drive away, so conveniently located for visitors who want to take a day trip to one of the many spas.

With its beautiful sea views and no electricity inside, the Ohessaare Windmill is an ideal location to switch off and recharge. Guests can preorder a breakfast basket and start the day with baked goods straight from the oven, coffee, and freshly squeezed juices.

Prices start from £55 for a double room.


Rummu Quarry, 45km southwest of Tallinn, dates back to the 1930s. Originally used as a penal institution, both the prison and the surrounding quarry were eventually abandoned, and the quarry flooded. All the industrial buildings and trees were submerged and can be seen whilst diving into the lake. The quarry has now been transformed into a leisure area, popular for swimming and diving in the summer, and skating in the winter.

Visitors can spend a night sleeping over the quarry lake in a barrel-shaped camping pod. Accessed from the land by a boardwalk but floating on the lake, the pods at the Paekalda Holiday Centre are situated in a private area surrounded by forest. The end wall of each pod is made of glass, offering visitors a beautiful view of the lake and sunsets. There are communal barbecue and campfire areas or for those in search of a more relaxing retreat, there is a sauna and overwater hot tub.

Prices start from £72 per pod and sleep up to three people.


A two-hour drive from Tallinn, the Riverbed Inn is easily accessible, yet offers a truly private experience. The family-run business was envisioned as somewhere that man-made meets the natural world. Situated in west Estonia’s countryside, the Riverbed Inn is the perfect place for a relaxing, romantic retreat. It is the ultimate place of tranquility where visitors can be totally undisturbed, allowing them to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The Riverbed Inn has been built using mirrors on three sides, which blends it into its surroundings.  With an Estonian Iglucraft sauna – made famous when the likes of David Beckham and Gordon Ramsay had one installed – located on the property, guests can enjoy the peace and quiet of the Estonian countryside. The inn also provides a quieter base from which to visit the medieval coastal city of Pärnu, a 45-minute drive away. One of the 2020 Sustainable Top 100 destinations organised by Green Destinations, Pärnu’s success story is about a protected coastal meadow being opened to the public and maintained by cows. 

Prices start from £127 per night and sleep 2 people on an exclusive basis.


A 50-minute drive from Tallinn, Maidla Nature Villa is a private property in the middle of the Estonian wetlands. Guests will be able to explore an area of untouched natural beauty, from this modern glasshouse located amongst a birch tree forest. The owners have endeavored to conserve the area by maintaining the nearby trees and merging into the wetlands, helping visitors admire the surroundings in the best possible way.

The villa is well located for exploring Estonia’s uninhabited bogs.  Covering one-fifth of the country, they make up a crucial part of Estonian culture and folklore. Sunrise and sunset are the best times for visiting as the limited light makes the area feel even more mysterious.

Prices start from £250 per night and sleeps 2 people on an exclusive basis.


For those looking for a peaceful retreat, a trip to Estonia’s Muhu island is highly recommended. Muhu is just a short ferry ride away from the town of Virtsu, off the country’s west coast. With a local population of under 2,000 people, this peaceful island is a perfect destination for those looking for a tranquil retreat.

The Muhu Glamping tents are located on the island’s northern shore, just 50m from the sea, allowing visitors to wake up with the sounds of the ocean. Each tent comes with its own cooking facilities so guests can enjoy their meals sat on the beach, relaxing with a quick dip in the sea, before watching the spectacular sunsets.

Prices start from £85 per night.