Mehikoorma Lighthouse

Mehikoorma Lighthouse

Järve tänav-2, Mehikoorma alevik, Räpina vald, Põlva maakond

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Mehikoorma Lighthouse is located on the west coast of Lake Lämmijärv in the south end of Lake Peipus. The first data from the beacons located in Mehikoorma, which showed the shipping route to Piirissaare towards north and to Sausaare towards south, date back to the First World War. By 1929, a beacon with a blinking light had been installed in Mehikoorma. The wooden beacon was replaced with a lighthouse built of reinforced concrete in 1938. The lighthouse, which is 15 m high and 3 m in diameter, worked on acetylene energy. Mehikoorma Lighthouse, with its 15 m of height, is the highest lighthouse of Lake Peipus.

Visitors can only see the lighthouse from the outside.

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When coming from the city centre of Tartu, head towards Tartu-Räpina-Värska road. Drive along the road for about 19 km. Then, turn left to Hammaste-Rasina road, and continue for 18.6 km towards Rasina. Then, turn left again, to Rasina-Meeksi road, and drive for 12.2 km towards Meeksi. At the intersection, turn left and head towards Mehikoorma. Drive straight for 800 m. After turning right, continue straight for about 500 m. To reach the lighthouse, park your car, and walk to the lake.

  • Signposted
  • Sealed access road
  • By excursion bus
  • By car
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