South Estonia

Meie Küla Eitede (our village's old women's) Home Gallery and Art Café

Artist Ave Nahkur and her family have built a cosy creative nest for themselves on the outskirts of Viljandi.
The strawberry-coloured doors can be seen from afar and invite you to step in – during the summer Ave runs a home café here, and throughout the year you can see and buy the hostess's cheerful art in the gallery. Ave will give the visitors a tour and tell colourful stories about how they bought the two dilapidated houses and turned them into a cosy home in just a couple of years with the help of creativity, a paintbrush and determination (and her husband Imre's woodworking shop).
Ave runs workshops and teaches people how to paint. A cosy free atmosphere where anything is possible.

South Estonia

Opening times

1. june - 1. oct

An advanced bookings only


Tartu tn 88, Viljandi linn, Viljandi maakond