Mihkli Lutheran Church

Mihkli Church was built in the ancient Soontagana Parish in the 13th century and its therefore one of the oldest and most original buildings in Western Estonia.«<0}
Mihkli Church follows the main nature of churches in the Saare-Lääne Diocese where a narrower choir room joins the longitudinal building with a single nave.«<0} {0>Tänase nelinurkse kellatorni sai kirik 18. saj, sel aja müüriti kinni ka kiriku põrandaalused hauakambrid.<}100{>The present square bell tower was built in the 18th century, at the same time when the crypts under the church’s floor were walled in.<0} {0>Kirikaia müüri sisse jääb vana kalmistu.<}100{>There is an old graveyard inside the wall surrounding the church garden.<0} Useful information! The famous Latvian Henrik who chronicled the Christianisation of Estonia and Latvia and the ancient fight for freedom (1180-1227) was the first priest here.

Features and amenities