Monteverdi CD: Hortus Musicus

Wed, 6 November at 7 pm Vanemuine Concert Hall

Thu, 7 November at 7 pm The White Hall of the House of Blackheads

Fri, 8 November at 7 pm Pärnu Concert Hall

Monteverdi CD

“Lettera Amorosa” - Seventh Book of Madrigal by Claudio Monteverdi”

Hortus Musicus

Maria Valdmaa (soprano)

Jaanika Kuusik (soprano)

Artistic director Andres Mustonen


In the autumn of 2019, 400 years have passed from the release of the Seventh Book of Madrigals "Libro VII" by Monteverdi.  It was in this collection that Monteverdi finally abandoned the classical five-part form of the madrigal, and the collection features the brightest examples of his new modern style. Four centuries later, we are fascinated by the beauty and virtuosity of Monteverdi's melodies, the rich colour and the dramatic nature of his harmony, and the emotional tension of madrigals. They are no longer just songs the larger ones are as small opera scenes which served as examples for opera composers for several decades to come.

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Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinna Filharmoonia Mustpeade Maja

Monteverdi CD: Hortus Musicus

07.11.2019, 19:00 - 23:59

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