Monument to Soldiers Killed in the War of Independence

Otepää küla, Otepää vald, Valga maakond

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The monument to soldiers who fell in the War of Independence stands on a hill in front of Otepää Maarja Church and it is remarkable because it was hidden underground for 30 years. The monument was reopened in 1989 after renovation. The top part of the monument bears the words HONOUR THE FALLEN and a list of 22 names. The granite piece with the full list has been lost. The metal decorations were created at the initiative of sculptor Jüri Ojaver.
Interesting facts: The initial monument was designed by Voldemar Melnik and made by stonemason Peeter Veeber. The monument was opened for the first time on 10 June 1928.

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George A

George A

Granite monument

The granite monument to Soldiers Killed in the War of Independence lies besides Otepaa church at the top of a small hill.

Erling G

Erling G

Frihetskrigets monument !

Mitt emot St Maria kyrka på andra sidan vägbanan, finns monumentet som hedrar de stupade i Frihetskriget i början av 1900 -talet !

Elena K

Elena K

Памятник на холме

Установлен перед церковью. Этот памятник воинам, павшим в Освободительной войне, 30 лет находился спрятанным в недрах земли. Снова был открыт в 1989 г., сохранилась верхняя часть памятника с надписью...

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