Motor-paintball in Tallinn, at a former Russian military unit

Motor-paintball in Tallinn, at a former Russian military unit

Tänassilma küla, Saku vald, Harju maakond


Are you looking for ideas for your company's summer or winter days, bachelor party, or a birthday? We can offer something different!

Have a gripping battle of motor-paintball – a battle of paintball with cars in Harju County, on the terriory of a former Russian military unit.

Using cars in paintball gives a new dimension to the game, in addition to a number of new possibilities for battle scenarios, and a more interesting game composition. In motor-paintball, you can use the cars as a tank, shield, or for ambush.

Our paintball area is the most diversified one – an abandoned military base with various battle sites, buildings, and underground catacombs.

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Is open advance bookings only

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Getting there

Instructions to the paintball location are granted personally.

  • Sealed access road
  • By excursion bus
  • By car
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