Musical drama "Tristan and Isolde"

Vanemuise tänav 6, Tartu linn, Tartu

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Musical drama in three acts

Composer and librettist Richard Wagner
Music director and conductor Risto Joost
Director Liis Kolle
Lighting designer and scenographer Rene Jõhve
Costume designer Lilja Blumenfeld
Videographer Käti Jägel
Cast Mati Turi, Liene Kinča, Karmen Puis, Atlan Karp, Simo Breede, Taavi Tampuu, Oliver Kuusik, Rasmus Kull et al
Vanemuine opera choir and symphony orchestra

As one of the most famous couples from medieval European legends, Tristan and Isolde have inspired writers, artists, theatre and film makers already for nearly a thousand years. The Irish princess Isolde and the heroic knight Tristan feel a magical attraction towards each other, but they meet when Tristan has helped his stepfather the King of Cornwall conquer Isolde’s homeland and killed her fiancé. Tristan is seriously wounded during this ordeal and has himself brought under a pseudonym to Isolde, but she still recognizes him and tries to kill the enemy. However, Isolde quickly abandons this plan as she falls in love with him. As gratitude for his recovery, Tristan pledges eternal faithfulness to her.

February 12th 2022 at the Grand Building of the Vanemuine Theatre.

Language: German
Surtitles: Estonian, English

Times and prices
Tartu linn, Teater Vanemuine, suur maja

    Musical drama "Tristan and Isolde"

  • 12.02.2022, 16:00

  • 03.04.2022, 16:00

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  • Signposted
  • Sealed access road
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