Mustamõisa horse-riding hikes

MUSTAMÕISA, Mustakurmu küla, Põlva vald, Põlva maakond


A picturesque horse-riding hike takes you to the sacred Taevaskoda outcrops, the exciting Mõtsküla forest, or the enchanting Akste ant kingdom.
In Taevaskoda, we will walk on the paths of Estonian cult film The Last Relic. If we are lucky, we might see the kingfisher while riding white Estonian horses with blue eyes and drink local herbal tea for refreshment. If you want, we can stop and make a campfire in one of the beautiful RMK campfire sites.
In the beautiful forests of Mõtsküla, we will visit Swedish war graves. Shorter excursions take place in the picturesque Akste ant kingdom.
NB! If the outside temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius, there will be no rides!

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1) When driving to the small town of Vastse-Kuuste in Põlva County, cross the railway and continue on the road leading to Ahja for 5 km. Cross the Kotiku stream, then move to the second road leading to the left after the Mustakurmu neighbourhood watch sign. Mustamõisa is the first farm by the road. 2) When driving to the small town of Ahja in Põlva County, drive in the direction of Vastse-Kuuste for 5 km. Then take the first gravel road on the right (the gravel road intersects the asphalt road at a steep angle). Mustamõisa is the first farm by the road.

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  • By car
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